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Andrew Vo

Licensed RE Salesperson


Office: 212-252-8772

Cell: 858-837-4460

415 Madison Avenue
New York, NY 10017

1.) Brokering OFF-MARKET commercial and residential buildings, hotels, development sites and condominiums/co-op residences. Over $100mm in OFF-MARKET properties.
2.) Managing multi-family residential, condominium and co-op properties.
3.) Full building leaseup.
4.) Rent roll increase.

Get to know me through Instagram – @RealEstateNinja_NYC

Testimonials Below:
My friends and I worked with Andrew Vo while looking for our first apartment in NYC and he was fantastic. He was extremely dependable throughout the process whenever we had questions along the way and was always reachable and responsive by phone or email. While searching for an apartment he spent the entire day with us showing us different places across Manhattan and really made sure that we got the right place for what we were looking for. We will definitely be using Andrew again and could not have had a better experience!
– Bryson G. – Kips Bay – Reviewed on at Nest Seekers International 415 Madison Ave and previously at BLU Realty Group – Kips Bay

Hi Andrew,

Yes, everything is finalized and I could not be happier – it all started with you!! I have told M.B. what a delight you were and how pivotal your professional approach and expertise were in my finding a new home. We move in March 6th and will be there full time soon. Really do appreciate you taking the time to help me and to also connect me with Tom. Will forever be grateful.

Hope you are staying safe and warm out there in this blistering cold!

– Jason G. – Jersey City – Personal Email at BLU Realty Group

This review is for Andrew Vo.

I do not typically write reviews, and I can confidently say that 99.9% of brokers in NYC are extremely painful to deal with – whether they are snakeoil salesmen, not responsive/reliable, or plainly inept. Andrew is in that other 0.1% population and the world definitely deserves to know it. He is an extremely professional, attentive, kind, considerate, and thoughtful broker. It was truly a pleasure working with him and I will continue and have already recommended him to anyone and everyone I know. We were referred to Andrew via a friend who gave an equal raving review, and I couldn’t believe her at first, but she was right. Andrew far exceeded every expectation I had, and as long as he is still in the business, I won’t use anybody else. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable with his fingers on the pulse of the NYC real estate market and is very savvy at negotiating with counter-parties. Most importantly, he is a genuinely good person and will give you the attention you need when trying to find a new place to live.

-Happily Satisfied May 2015
– Brett S. – Flatiron – Reviewed on and at Oxford Property Group

I highly recommend Andrew Vo. Not only is he extremely personable and attentive, but he knows the market and the broker business better than the 10+ brokers I have worked with since moving to New York. He will find you a home that you will love and will make the process as painless and seamless as possible. My roommate and I spent almost a month and consulted 5+ brokers when we were looking to move, but Andrew found us a place in less than a week that we love – regret not contacting him sooner. Promise you won’t be disappointed, especially when he shows up with delicious home-baked cookies after you move into your new place J
– Daniel F. – East Village – Reviewed on and at Oxford Property Group

This review is for Andrew Vo.

Andrew was prompt, cordial, and thorough. As a group we were disorganized and probably ended up being pretty high-maintenance but Andrew was patient and understanding. He put us in the right apartment and we are very thankful!
– Marley M. – Upper West Side – Reviewed on at Oxford Property Group

Andrew Vo is an exceptional advisor and skilled negotiator who guided me through many twists and turns in my search to purchase an apartment in Brooklyn. What stands out to me about Andrew is his patience and constant attention to detail, attributes that were absent from the previous realtor that I had been working with. Moreover, Andrew is very down to earth, always offers candid and valuable recommendations, and is a strategic negotiator when it comes to submitting a smart offer.

I fully recommend Andrew to anyone looking to buy a place in NYC. The only piece of feedback is that the loan broker referral I received turned out to be less than ideal. That being said, I only worked with one loan broker and perhaps a good one is hard to come by. That being said, Andrew was an ally throughout the process and would not hesitate to work with Andrew again!
– Alan H. – Williamsburg – Reviewed on and at Oxford Property Group

Andrew Vo was absolutely amazing. He put together a list of places before we met every time and was always enthusiastic. He understood exactly what I was looking for and showed me only those places. Andrew was extremely helpful throughout the process and very honest. He was willing to work with my busy schedule and spend several hours looking. Like the person below said, he puts in a 110% effort to make sure you get the place you are looking for.

Because of my time crunch I met with at least 6 other agents and he was by far the best. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to rent/buy/sell in NYC. He just makes everything so much easier and pleasant.
– D M. – Chelsea – Reviewed on at Oxford Property Group

Let’s be clear: this is NOT a review for Oxford Property Group as a whole.

This is a (long overdue) spotlight for an amazing individual who was with a different brokerage when I enlisted his help, but is now part of the Oxford team (see his previous glowing reviews under the Anchor listing on Yelp).

This individual is the Best-Broker-You-Will-Ever-Have-In-NYC.
Sometimes he also goes by the name Andrew Vo.

Finding a good broker is a bit like dating, you have to cast your net wide and hope you reel something good in. I met with 4 brokers in total: 2 were horrible; 1 was decent but forgettable; and then there was “The Andrew”.

Knowing that I wasn’t from NYC, Andrew was the only broker to offer to take me around Manhattan so that I could get a feel for each neighborhood. In total, he spent more than 7hrs over 2 days with me to cover a total of 5 parts of town.

Let me say that again. He spent over 7hrs taking me around Manhattan, with no guarantee of a commission.

After a long day of walking around on day #1, Andrew sat me down at Big Gay Ice Cream (his treat!) and went over everything we’d seen, what I liked/didn’t like, and offered honest advice. At no point did I feel like he was in it just for a commission – zero pressure to put an offer on anything.

Armed with my feedback, day #2’s viewings were all spot on. Every unit I saw on day #2 was something I could see myself living in. Andrew really nailed it and I ended up making an offer for a unit. Not only did he stick around to make sure all the paperwork went through smoothly, he was also able to negotiate a slightly reduced commission AND lower monthly rent for me!

But like all things Andrew does, 100% awesome isn’t enough. He goes for 110%. Months later after I moved into my new place, Andrew dropped by as part of his ‘special’ follow-up service that is really above and beyond. I won’t spoil what this special treat is, you’ll have to find out for yourself!

Can you say full service? FULL SERVICE!

Finding a good place in NYC is hard. Finding a good broker is even harder. Do yourself a favour, go with Andrew and make both tasks a breeze.
– Daniel C.- Chelsea – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

Andrew was wonderful to work with, and I have already recommended him to friends who are apartment hunting. I was looking for a studio or one bedroom in downtown Manhattan, and Andrew listened to my priorities and found my new home. He is friendly, professional, responsive and efficient. He works incredibly hard on behalf of his clients, and was a great resource during the negotiation and application process. I was impressed with his work ethic and really enjoyed working with him. I would happily work with Andrew again.
– Jean B. – West Village – Reviewed on and at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

Andrew is one of the nicest, most caring person and he will work his hardest to find you the best apartments and then further lock in your favorite one when you are ready to move forward. I have only the best things to say about Andrew and will definitely be recommending him to anyone searching for an apartment.
– Amara B. – Murray Hill – Reviewed on and at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

After learning that I was being relocated for work, I contacted Andrew Vo from Anchor. After explaining the situation is was in he offered to help me get my Apartment reassigned. Andrew Vo was extremely helpful through out the whole process. He was able to get my apartment rented in 3 weeks!!! Thank you Andrew Vo and Anchor Associates for making my relocation as stress free as possible!
– Andrew C. – Financial District – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

I worked with Andrew Vo and we hit it off pretty quickly. I felt comfortable throughout the process and he answered all of my newbie questions quickly. I”ve talked to other friends who went through the process at different places and they were amazed at how smoothly everything went for me. I attribute most of this to Andrew”s expertise and experience in the field, and have been recommending friends to him.
– Anthony L. – Gramercy Park – Reviewed on and at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

I had a great time working with Andrew Vo as he helped me purchase my first home in NYC! He’s very accommodating and adjusts quickly to your needs. He takes the time to answer your questions and explain things to you, and he never takes long to respond to an email. From what I’ve heard, my experience was extremely smooth and I didn’t encounter any bumps; which I attribute to Andrew’s experience and expertise in the field.
– Anthony L. – Gramercy Park – Reviewed on and at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

I worked with Andrew Vo to find my apartment and he was AMAZING! I was looking for an apartment and was coming in for just one weekend from out of town. From the initial phone call, Andrew was fantastic to work with. He was extremely communicative checking in with us regularly leading up to our session to give us updates on what we would be seeing. I looked with a few other brokers too before meeting Andrew and every single apartment he showed me was 10x better than what anyone else could show me. After just three apartments Andrew found us the winning one and helped us with everything 100% from figuring out the guarantors, rental agreement, gas/electric/Internet, moving logistics and more. Andrew went above and beyond his job and was really a joy to work with. And, he is a fantastic baker (he brings all of his clients cookies after they’ve moved in), you would be a fool to not let him help you find an apartment!
– Rachel U. & Ronnie D. – Morningside Heights – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

I recently moved from Canada and only had a few days to find a place. I decided to go with Andrew Vo as my broker and it was the best decision I could have made! He was unbelievably helpful and very patient throughout everything. Even before starting, Andrew made sure he understood exactly what I was looking for in terms of prices and neighborhoods. Andrew took me to tons of different locations, with the intention of making sure I had a broad selection to choose from. He was up front with all prices and fees and answered all my questions as honestly as he could. I”ve heard stories of brokers taking advantage of their clients, but this was definitely not the case. Overall, Andrew kept on top of all the scheduling and made the process very smooth. He was also a very genuine and sociable person, which made the grueling process of finding a place much easier. If I had to move again in NY, I would definitely go back to Andrew as my broker!
– Andrew T. – Midtown East – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

Andrew Vo is dependable, considerate, and hardworking, and I highly recommend working with him! My roommate and I were looking for a two bedroom in Chelsea/West Village area and one of our friends had actually recommended Andrew. Right off the bat, he showed a tremendous and genuine interest in helping us find the best value. Even more so, my roommate and I were very particular/picky with regards to what we wanted, but Andrew did not waste our time showing anything that didn’t fit our requirements. He repeatedly made us feel like his priority and consistently kep­t us updated on potential listings. He fit us in right away, showed us 5 apartments in one day, and the 4th place we visited is now our current home. And to throw a cherry on top, the place he found for us was no fee! It was the first time I worked with a broker where I felt like I wasn’t going to get ripped off. And for me, someone that has moved over 5 times in New York, that is pretty cool. In a city with so much sensory overload, it was so refreshing to meet a broker that not only had our best interests in mind, but also put forth his best qualities and character as an expert in his field. He was a pleasure to work with, and I will be referring him to all my friends!
– Hayley P. – Chelsea – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

Andrew Vo was the absolute best broker I could have asked for. He helped my roommate and I find our first apartment after we’d graduated from college and somehow managed to find us the PERFECT apartment. He took everything we asked for and delivered like no one else could have. Andrew was always available to answer questions, explain New York City housing rules, show us any apartments we were interested in and act as a sounding board for any tough decisions. He went above and beyond what I would have ever expected from a broker, helping us with paperwork, continuously making himself available for questions even after we’d signed our place and delivering some of the most delicious cookies I’ve had as a move in gift for us. Andrew always brought a positive energy to everything even when it was over 100 degrees outside and made what should have been a very trying and irritating experience a fun adventure and I would whole heartedly recommend him to absolutely anyone. Whenever I change apartments I will 100% be using him again!
– Lisa A. – Chelsea – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

This review is for Andrew Vo. Andrew was a tremendous help during my short stay in NYC. Although I did not end up signing a lease through him, he was very frank and courteous. Andrew is very knowledgeable of the real estate market, and helped walk me through the process of getting an apartment in the city regardless of my decision of using him as my broker. An added bonus is that he introduced me to a sweet local bakery. If I ever need a real estate broker in New York again, my first choice would be Andrew.
– Hillary H.- Morningside Heights – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

Andrew Vo from the 57th street corporate office is a rock star broker. My fiance and I were relocating from San Francisco to New York. We knew we had to find a broker but really didn’t know the first thing about finding one. We happened to reach out to Andrew and he was nothing but great! My fiance was very particular in where we wanted to live and what we were looking for…(dog friendly, close to water, not so noisy, price range, garden if possible, etc). We met Andrew and he had a handful of places to show us. Some of them we loved and others eh, not so much. Andrew gave us the run down on how we needed to approach the ones we really liked as well as told us that he would like to take us out to see a few more if we had time before heading back to SF. This time I left my fiance behind since this process was not really something he “enjoyed” and he trusted my judgement (as long as Andrew kept us within the blocks that we gave to him). WOW – we found the place. Amazing location, great building, and had everything plus more that we were looking for. Andrew out did himself! Now I head back to SF and we need to get moving on securing the apartment. Andrew kept us informed every step of the way. We got beat by seconds of another party submitting their paper work – but that didn’t stop Andrew. He went to the building first thing the next morning to see if there were any other apartments coming up – and there was one. Andrew took pictures for me, described the differences from the apartment that I originally had seen to make sure that I was ok with them. Long story short – we got the apartment and Andrew was amazing with helping us with everything. I was a little nervous since the majority of the paperwork was going to be done with us still in San Francisco…Andrew didn’t seem to have any issues with that. Very professional and a pleasure to work with. Thanks again Andrew we are so happy in our new home.
– Stacey B. & Charles F. – West Village – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

This review is for Andrew Vo. I have been through the NYC apartment search three times after this and Andrew gave me a new found view of brokers in NYC. In my previous searches, Brokers were either targeting specific apartments and not very helpful or they didn’t really care for what I wanted and was always rushing me. It got me to the point where I didn’t want to work with brokers and I would try my best to hunt the ads for no broker places. When I met with Andrew, I was thinking, here we go again but after we talked and he showed me places on the first day, I had a good feeling he was going to help me find a place that I would enjoy living in and met my criteria. He showed me around 20 places in a four week period and explained in detail the different types of places we were going to see and what was good about them. He also was patient and listened to what I wanted even if I didn’t know what I wanted. At the end, I was very pleased with my apt hunting experiences this time around and I found a great place with his help. Thanks a bunch.
– Jin C. – Murray Hill – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

This review is for Andrew Vo. Andrew was a total saint to work with as he guided my roommate and I through the whole process. I had to make changes to our apartment search numerous times regarding move-in dates and the number of roommates. Andrew showed me more than 20 apartments without complaint even though I was very selective and indecisive. When we had to restart our search due to changes in our living arrangement, he came back with a list of new options the very next day. He never pressured us into anything and was strictly professional the entire time. Communicating with Andrew made life so much easier for me when I was traveling. Easily accessible by email, text or phone, he always responded within a day and answered all of my questions every time. When my roommate and I finally decided on an apartment we liked, Andrew was there every step of the way during the application process. Recently, Andrew even came over to drop off cookies after we moved in as a housewarming gift. We are very lucky to have found someone that is so thoughtful, patient and experienced to be our guide in a city where there are so many sketchy brokers. Would absolutely recommend Andrew to anyone. (Especially if you are as indecisive as me!)
– Tiffany J. – Chelsea – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

My roommates and I were moving to NYC from Canada and were not familiar with the real estate market here. Lucky for us, we were introduced to Andrew Vo of Anchor Associates. Andrew helped us look through many locations – being mindful our collective requirements for housing and timelines (being that we were coming from out of town to view places). Eventually we settled on a place that was about as good as it was going to get in NY for the price range we were looking for. Andrew was very friendly, knowledgeable, responsive, and helpful through the entire process. An added bonus was Andrew’s focus on customer service after the lease was signed (ie. Welcome baskets, offering to help with moving etc.) I would definitely recommend him to anyone that’s moving into the NYC area.
– Andrew W. – Midtown East – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

My wife and I had the pleasure of working with Andrew Vo in the search of our first NYC apartment. It was a relatively pain free process and ended up finding the perfect neighborhood and place for us well within our budget. Andrew went with us to look at a TON of apartments and lucky to say that we are now in one that we really like. Andrew was always very professional and very timely. His flexibility with our location and price range was much appreciated. Of everything, I really appreciated is that we never felt rushed or pressured to do something we weren”t 100% comfortable with. Thanks so much for the help!
– Shawn B & Jessica B – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue – Upper West Side

I worked with Andrew Vo, and I could not have been happier with the experience. I was moving for a job from North Carolina, so I had a short amount of time to find an apartment, and I had to fly up several weekends to search. Andrew was very patient when I looked at 25+ apartments, and handled all of the scheduling for me. I never felt pressured to apply for any of the apartments he showed us, and he was very up-front with all broker fees. I finally found the perfect apartment, and Andrew was also with me every step of the way through the application and lease signing processes. He even brought over a homemade cake as a house warming present after we moved in. Andrew was a very genuine person, and he was a pleasure to work with! I’ve written about the moving/apartment hunting process twice on my blog if you want to read more:
– Casey B. – East Village – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

Andrew Vo was a pleasure to work with, found me a great apartment, was flexible with my schedule and provided friendly follow up. Two thumbs up.
– Scott W. – Upper West – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

My roommate and I worked with Andrew Vo to find an apartment in Manhattan. He was incredibly helpful in listening to our preferences, finding relevant listings, showing us properties and facilitating the lease-signing process. Though were on a tight timetable and had conflicting work schedules, Andrew was willing and able to accomodate us at every stage. His encouragement, friendliness and approachability helped us as we navigated the market and learned more about searching for properties in NYC. Even after we found a rental, Andrew remained incredibly supportive in working with the management company, preparing our welcome packets and ensuring we settled into our new home. He was super responsive through both phone and email, listening to our concerns and replying to our questions with alacrity. I walked away from the process much more knowledgeable about seeking apartments in the city and very excited about my new home. Having worked with numerous agents in the past, I can definitely attest to Andrew’s offering superior service and customer care. Anchor Associates provided an excellent experience and I will be recommending them to both my friends and family moving forward.
– Kim H. – NoMad – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

My roommate and I worked with Andrew Vo at Anchor and it was hands down the best NYC rental experience I’ve had (and I just rented my 5th apartment). Not only was Andrew professional and knowledgeable, but he was extremely prepared and forward thinking. I emailed Andrew on a whim for an apartment I saw listed online and rather than just showing my roommate and I the apartment we saw online and leaving – he had a plan. He called me ahead of time to learn exactly what I was looking for and then mapped out a two-hour route after showing us the initial apartment we saw online. He showed us a variety of places in my desired location and price range and we finally found the right one. He also accompanied us to our lease signing to ensure that everything in it was right. He’s very friendly, buttoned up and a pleasure to work with. When my next NYC move day comes along, I will definitely be contacting Andrew. 10 stars out of 5!
– Amanda G. & Sam P. – Union Square – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

My wife and I could not have asked for a better experience finding our first apartment together than our experience with Ben Willig and Andrew Vo at Anchor Associates. Ben’s expertise came right into play during our initial telephone discussion when, after we discussed our budget and what we were looking for, Ben suggested looking at a neighborhood that we had not thought of. This turned out to be crucial, as the apartment we ended up renting was in this very neighborhood! Ben and Andrew put together a great itinerary that allowed us to easily compare and contrast apartments based on price, neighborhood, and building amenities. Although I had been warned beforehand from a friend not to rely on brokers (in general, not regarding Anchor specifically) for information on features of the surrounding neighborhood such as proximity to subway stops, the information Ben and Andrew provided on the neighborhoods I was familiar with beforehand was right on the money, which put me greatly at ease. Both gentlemen were quite easygoing and did not pressure us to choose any specific apartment. Andrew in particular is to be praised for tirelessly guiding us through a very long and geographically diverse journey around the city. Furthermore, he went above and beyond by making several efforts to contact us the next day when our first-choice apartment–which had been snatched up the first day (such is NYC apartment hunting)–became available again. Because my wife and I were so thrilled that we had secured our second-choice apartment, which was in the same building as our first choice, we were lax about checking our e-mail and phone that day, but Andrew finally reached us, and thus we are writing this review from our dream apartment! And we love our new neighborhood too. Be aware that since the firm in high demand, it may take some effort and time to get a hold of them initially. Anchor had to reschedule our first phone appointment, but it was well worth it! Overall, we can highly recommend Anchor in general and Ben and Andrew in particular for anyone, particularly novices, trying to find an outstanding New York apartment.
– Frank S. & Anna M. – Long Island City – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue

My roommate and I have both lived in NYC for 2 years prior to working with Anchor Associates for our third apartment. I could not have been more pleased with Anchor Associates. We worked with both Ben Willig and Andrew Vo- who were both absolutely fantastic. Unlike many of the sketchy realty brokers you find in NYC, both Andrew and Ben took the time to speak with us about what we wanted in an apartment, they were happy to show us many different spaces, even setting aside full afternoons during the weekend to work with us. When it came to signing an apartment they took the time to explain the process and negotiate the apartment price/lease agreement. They did not rush us through the process which many brokers do. After signing our lease, they took the time to check in with us multiple times to see how we liked our apartment, even bringing over home made cookies as an apartment warming gift! Working with Anchor Associates was a great experience, I would (and have) highly recommended them to anyone looking for an apartment in NYC.
– Kate L. & Megan N. – East Village – Reviewed on at Anchor Associates Group 950 3rd Avenue